LCD 2-way Security System (PWD250)

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  • One 5-Button 2-way Remote Transmitter with LCD Display
  • One 4-Button 1-way Remote Transmitter
  • 2-way Transmitter Confirmation w/ LCD Display, Piezo
  • Chime, and Vibrate Features
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Extended Range Transceiver
  • 3 Built-in Relays for Parking Lights, Door Locks
  • External Relay and Plug-in Harness for Starter Defeat
  • Electronic Dual Stage Shock Sensor
  • Dual Stage Optional Sensor Port
  • LED Emergency Override Switch
  • 125dB 6-tone Siren
  • Dome Light Output
  • Auxiliary Output
  • Horn Honk Output
  • Panic Mode
  • Valet Mode
  • Tamper Alert
  • Automatic Sensor Bypass for Defective Zones