Mini-DVI to DVI-D Adapter Cable for Apple Mac (GCB12)

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  • Features a Mini-DVI connector and a female DVI-D (24+1) connector
  • Compatible with the iMac (Intel), MacBook, and PowerBook G4 (12”), & Mac Mini
  • Use with a DVI-D cable to connect to an external monitor with DVI-D input
  • Cable Length: 13cm / 5”

    Use this cable adapter to connect your 12-inch PowerBook G4, Intel-based iMac, MacBook Intel-based laptop, Intel-based Xserve, or 2009 Mac Mini to an external monitor with DVI-D input. Plug the Mini-DVI end into your Mac, and connect the DVI-D connector to a DVI-D cable.
    Helpful Notes: This device is intended to function more as an adapter than as a cable, meaning its short length WILL NOT reach from your Mac to the monitor. It will need to be used with a DVI-D cable (sold separately).
    The adapter MUST be used with a DVI-D cable. The specification for DVI-D does not support analog video signals, so this adapter will not work if used with a DVI-to-VGA cable, or with a DVI-I cable. Please check your monitor’s input ports to be sure it has a DVI-D input before purchase.
    In addition, this adapter works only with Mini-DVI ports, not with Micro-DVI or Mini Display Ports. To quickly check what port you have: this adapter has a U-shaped connector that will match the U-shape found on Mini-DVI ports.
    Highest resolution supported: 1920×1200 @60Hz.

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