Multi-Function Vehicle Roadside Emergency Tool, 4-in-1 Jump Start, Air Pressure Tire Pump, Power Bank, Flashlight (PBPK52)

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  • The Perfect Emergency Vehicle Accessory
  • 4-in-1 Universal Multi-Function Safety Tool
  • Vehicle Jump Starter, Tire Air Pump, Power Bank, & Flashlight
  • Recharges in Your Home or Vehicle
  • Included Cigarette Lighter Cable or Home Wall Power Adapter
  • Conveniently Fits in the Trunk or Glove Compartment
  • Built-In Safety Circuits for Short Circuit / Overload Protection
  • Lightweight, Compact and Powerful
  • LED Power Indicator Lights
  • Accessory Kit Included

    Accessories Included:

  • Jump Start Battery Cable Clamps
  • Tire Air Pressure Pump Cable
  • Wall Charging Power Adapter
  • Vehicle Cigarette Lighter, Accessory Power Adapter
  • USB Charge Adapter (Micro USB, Apple 30-Pin, Flash Connectors)

    Car Jump Starter:

  • Easy-to-Use Emergency Car/Automobile Jump Starter
  • Ability to ‘Slow Charge’ Your Vehicle’s Battery
  • Jump Starts Cars, Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, Golf Carts, Jet Ski, etc.
  • Can Jump Your Vehicle up to 20 Times on A Single Charge
  • *No Additional Vehicle Required to Jump Start

    Power Bank Charging:

  • Pocket-Sized, Portable Mobile Device Power Station
  • Provides Hours of Charging for Your Devices
  • Universal Standard USB Port
  • Includes Universal Adapter Cables
  • Works with iPhone, Android, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.
  • Battery Capacity: 16800 mAh

    Tire Air Pump:

  • Simple Button Activation
  • Built-in Barometer Air Pressure Gauge
  • Air Pump Cable Length: 16”
  • Maximum Air Pressure Output: 40 PSI

    Roadside Flash Light:

  • Ultra-Bright LED Lighting Source
  • Flashlight lasts over 120 Hours

    Technical Specifications:

  • Battery Life: 3000 Charge Cycles
  • Power: 200 Amp Continuous, 400 Amp Peak
  • Operating Temperature: 0~85?
  • Battery Jumper Output: 12V
  • Power: DC 12V
  • Size: 5.9” x 6.1” x 2.1”
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